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How Big Data is important to business?

Written by Sutida Sukhot
20/03/20 - 10:28

Are you a member of social media like Facebook, Twitter or even LinkedIn? Have you ever shopped online by mobile phone or subscribed to some promotions via a website? Big Data has become a big game-changer in many businesses across the industries like IT, Banking, Retail and Healthcare. It can help a business to achieve goals faster than in the past. For example, consumers nowadays love to buy and review products or services via the internet. This allows business to engage with consumers in a real-time and collect feedback rapidly. It provides an insight from analyzing consumers data within minutes, so that business owner can anticipate needs and fix their mistakes in order to provide a better service next time.


There’s no wonder why Big Data is going to continue playing an important role across businesses. In order to stay competitive, it’s essential to start building a Big Data team within a company now which handles large amounts of information.


Moreover, Big Data creates a bright future to the  IT sector especially for Data Scientist. Next week, we are going to talk with our Data technology Consultant about how Big Data has an impact on Thailand’s IT Market and why Data Scientists is considered as one of the hottest jobs in the country.