Finding the best people

We take pride in being very good at what we do. Our service at its heart remains simple – we find the best possible people for your business, but in order to do this, we need to truly understand what you are looking for and why.
We don't just send CVs. We consult with our clients to ensure we provide an honest, impartial and knowledgable take on their recruitment needs. Finding technical talent has never been harder - but our work ethic, our specialism and our experience means that we are best placed to know who is right for your organisation
‘.. you're in good hands with Cathcart Associates, we know how to source the best candidates for you.’

Our process

You’ll have a single point of contact who truly understands the kinds of skills you’re looking to hire, and solely deals with these kinds of candidates on a day-to-day basis.
Your consultant will go through an in-depth consultation on why you want to hire and what skills you’re looking for – and then put together a plan to ensure you get the best possible candidate for your role.
The more we work together, the more we come to understand your organisation, the more effective we become. We are experts in this process. We’re not afraid to tell you if what you're looking for cannot be found, and in that case we’ll help discuss flexibility in salary or skills to ensure your need is filled as quickly as possible.

Help us help you

We're not just going to ‘send you a few CVs’, and we ask you not to just ‘send us a job spec’. 'Working with us' is proven to be the best way to get the most of our service:

EXPLAIN: You know who and what you want, but it can be hard to form these ideas, thoughts and feelings into something coherent. We are experts in getting these ideas out of your head. Over an in-depth meeting or telephone call, we’ll make sure we truly understand what you’re looking for.
CONSULT: As we're experts in the skills and technologies we recruit for, we can help you establish what flexibility you need to have to ensure you get the best possible result.
FEEDBACK:The job market moves very fast. We'll need you to invest time to discuss potential candidates and give us your thoughts quickly, so we can move onto the next stage.