Mid-Senior Full-Stack Developer - Agile - Golang, React, Own Products

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Mid-Senior Full-Stack Developer - Agile - Golang, React, Own Products
Salary: THB 50K - THB 60K per month

Growth opportunity to become a Team Lead in the future


Great opportunity for a Mid-Level to Senior Full-Stack Developer who's solid in logic and algorithm and working with Golang and React, with some background in PHP. The company has been around for almost a decade and got into IoT game since it hadn't taken off in Thailand at the time. They have their own manufacturing for the hardware devices as well as their own hardware engineers and been focusing on software-hardware platform since 3 years ago.


Close-knit team, everyone gets along well to deliver the best quality line of products

Projects & Responsibilities:

You'll be working closely with the founder which is also a hands-on technical person as well as the team of around 5 people. The project will be about internet connected device that can read various types of information and get utilized into different purposes.


• Strong in logic and algorithm

• Experience in Golang, React.js or React Native 

• Background or used to work with PHP, PostgreSQL

• Good interpersonal and problem solving skills

This is a good opportunity for someone who likes to work with a great team within a product-based company that's financially organic. Call Prae at Cathcart Associates at 02-038- 5878.

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Ref: 29062020
Call now .. 02-038-5878